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Pipeline >Plasma half-life extension of therapeutic proteins and peptides

Albumin is the most abundant plasma protein. It is highly soluble and stable, and has an extremely long circulatory half-life in the body. Therefore various albumin association strategies – either based on covalent attachment or genetic fusion with albumin or specific albumin-binding domains – have become popular approaches for improving pharmacokinetic profiles of therapeutic molecules, especially the short half-lives of protein- and peptide-based biodrugs with molecular weights less than 50-60 kDa.

Fusion with an albumin-targeted drSH3 domain represents a facile and practical solution for providing albumin binding capacity to any polypeptide of therapeutic potential.

We have generated human drSH3 modules targeted against human as well as murine serum albumin, and are offering these for use in plasma half-life extension purposed both on a collaborative basis as well as via simple licensing arrangements.