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Next Biomed Therapies Oy is looking for partnerships with pharmaceutical and biotech companies interested in developing novel biopharmaceuticals based on the drSH3-IgG fusion concept. Different types of collaborations, including strategic partnerships as well as co-funded or contracted research are welcomed.

Next Biomed Therapies Oy has a dominating IPR position in the area of SH3 domain-based therapeutic targeting. NBT holds the original key patent that broadly covers this field (US6794144 & related patent family), as well as a patent on second generation SH3 scaffolds providing key improvements to the utility of this targeting technology, which has been granted in Finland (FI20155554) and is pending elsewhere (WO2017009533).

Exclusive rights to patent US6794144 (and related patent family) have been out-licensed regarding certain individual therapeutic targets, as well as regarding the broader use of the SH3 domain of the tyrosine kinase Fyn as a targeting scaffold, which is the basis of the Fynomer technology of Covagen AG (now part of Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies / Johnson & Johnson).

All other areas of the drSH3 technology are currently still available for licensing.