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Pipeline >Targeting modules for development of novel biologics

We have applied drSH3 engineering technology to target a variety of cell surface proteins that are relevant for therapeutic applications such as:

  • Inhibition of cancer cell growth
  • Inactivation of soluble mediators of inflammation and autoimmunity
  • Recruitment of anti-cancer immune cells to tumors
  • Blockade of immune checkpoint-mediated suppression of T cell function

On the right are examples of proteins that we have targeted using drSH3 technology. These SH3-based targeting modules are currently at different stages of development/optimization, and available now or in the near future for facile construction of bispecific antibody derivatives in a “plug-and-play” manner.

We are also open for collaborations to develop drSH3-based targeting modules with additional specificities that might be needed in development of novel bispecifics.