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drSH3-IgG fusion

Technology > drSH3-IgG fusion proteins

The extreme modularity of the SH3 fold allows fusion of drSH3 domains as individual or multiple copies to any position of the IgG molecule without compromising their specific binding properties and capacity, or hampering the expression or solubility of recombinant antibodies.

Shown here are just a few of the many possible drSH3-fusion strategies for creating bi- and multi-specific antibodies.

In addition to bridging two different targets drSH3-fusions offer a facile means for creating molecules that can e.g. bind to a given cell type with greater selectivity, cause synergistic inhibition via binding to functionally related targets, or potently neutralize soluble factors via multiparatopic binding and crosslinking.

drSH3 = double-randomized SH3